WEM Services
WEM Plattform
By means of the model that WEM offers, it is included the possibility of an electronic identification document which is based on the own cell phone. It is just one of the many possibilities that WEM offers. Other important aspects, which make it different, are:
  1. Innovative tool of information management and statistic analyse for cell phone operators (non-existent now).
  2. It allows creating specific platforms. Platforms for enterprises where the volume of sending money is higher than the one required for the migrant remittance. For instance: a wage management platform for employees of companies or State Departments.
  3. Inter-enterprises and multinational system. The platform works in all the operators associated to it. It is possible to deliver amounts among different phone operators, and even in different countries: the customer of the company A can send money to the customer of the company B. It does not matter if it is in the same country or in roaming.
  4. Tools targeted for marketing.
  5. It is possible to associate debit cards to the cell phone number in an easy and economical way.
  6. To send money from any part of the world, by credit or debit cards, even by cyber centres, telephone booths or authorized points of sale.
  7. Disposal of an anti fraud and a conflict solution system of last generation. Nowadays, WEM has the most advanced conflict solution system, which has been developed based on the actual problems of the real world.
  8. Mechanisms of continuous transactional audit that permit to verify the integrity of all and every transaction among the customer, operator and banks.
  9. The system offers the management of its platform by the own cell phone (for the customers of last generation terminals there are advanced applications) or by a Web interface.
  10. WEM platform is fully configurable depending on the particular and specific needs of every client.

WEM platform is intended to be used: :

  • For Sending Remittances.
  • As a Regular way of payment. The concept is to use the system, by the cell phone, as a credit or a debit card. - Electronic money.
  • For transferring money within the country.
  • For the Payment of wages in a fast, comfortable, economic and efficient way.

WEM platform is a system of air-time purchasing, which works on the base of prepaid minutes in cellular telephones, as it has been explained before when the operative model was exposed.