Welcome to WEM
Worldwide Electronic Money, is located in Valencia, Spain.
In Worldwide Electronic Money, we have a selected group of professional people who make possible to obtain the results that our clients require. Specialists in communication, technology, engineering and international regulation create our proposal of value to the client.
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Technology Forum 2008  
The forum brought together financial service providers and technical solutions providers for workshops on using new technology to increase access to financial services. The event also offered an opportunity for vendors to participate in a commercial tradeshow of products and services.
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The Multilateral Investment Found.
Promoting inclusive growth through private sector development.
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The World Bank  
An important part of the World Bank's work on migration and remittances involves efforts to monitor and forecast remittance and migration flows, and to provide timely analysis on topics such as remittances, migration, and diaspora issues.
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Our Idea: WEM
Sending money through mobile phones is a reality with WEM
WEM platform is a system of air-time purchasing, of sending money and payment system based on cellular telephony.

It is indicated for sending remittances, payment of services and goods, wages, management of founds....A financial tool within everybody's reach.
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  Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainability and Business
  We try to reach and cover all needs of our clients at the same time that needs of the society in which we live are covered too. It is understood as a worlwide globality, which affects to different countries and continents
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